E-Bike or Mountainbike?

E-Bike or Mountainbike?

Nowadays more and more people have a bicycle. In some European countries 9 out of 10 people have one, for leisure or to go to work, while in Italy, however, fewer people have a traditional bicycle or an e-bike. Over 6 million people have had a vacation in Italy using a bicycle, corresponding to around 8% of the total number of tourists. There are more and more E-bikes thanks to falling prices and the benefits they offer. Until just a few years ago, mountain bikes were the only solution for travelling along roads immersed in the green of the countryside or for going up panoramic mountain trails, and so on Lake Garda they were the perfect solution for going anywhere. Choosing between an e-bike and a mountain bike depends mainly on what use you intend to make of the bicycle and on the person's health, age and fitness.


An electric bicycle has the great advantage of letting you go wherever you want. You can take tours in the mountains with wonderful views, and then go downhill without the support of the electric motor, thereby increasing the bicycle's autonomy. When making some challenging excursions, it is advisable to have a spare battery in your backpack, also because they are increasingly less expensive. If, on the other hand, you go to the beautiful hills of Lake Garda, you can choose to reduce the use of the electric motor and pedal independently for long stretches. The flexibility of the e-bike is remarkable and even people without any training can travel long distances and enjoy the health benefits with movements that are gentle on the body. There are now many versions of e-bikes to buy or to rent, each with specific features to get the best out of them. Normally in cities, e-bikes can circulate easily and this is a great help to get to work or go shopping without much effort, but with health benefits. In Italy, E-Bike sales continue to grow at over 16% per year, while traditional bicycle sales have dropped by around 8%.


The purchase price and maintenance costs for a mountain bike are less than those for an e-bike, in fact without a battery, without an electric motor and without electronics, everything is simpler. The mountain bike is always the best choice when you have a good workout, because it is lighter and easier to handle and allows you to go at maximum speed even on the most adventurous routes. Many people use mountain bikes because they love being autonomous and do not need to worry about the battery going flat. Much also depends on the age of the individual, because a traditional bicycle requires much more effort than an e-bike.

If you want to discover the splendid views around Camping Mos on Lake Garda, just choose the type of bike you prefer.