Routes to discover history, archeology of ancient and modern cultures.


is a very charming city, built in the Venetian lagoon. It consists of about 100 small islands, which are separated from each other by a dense network of picturesque canals, travelled on every day by hundreds of small motor boats


You can get Verona is a beautiful city which has been declared a World Heritage Site. One of the most famous squares in Verona is Piazza Bra, home to the famous Roman amphitheatre the "Arena di Verona"


Mantua is located south of Lake Garda and has three small lakes fed by the river Mincio, which originates in Lake Garda. One of the first things to do in Mantua is to visit the Ducal Palace and its 500 rooms painted and decorated by artists such as Giulio Romano,


Brescia is about 45 minutes drive from camp Mos and for many years has been considered simply as a very lively, industrial city with many companies in various productive sectors. However, Brescia is also increasingly seen as a city of art and a great place to visit.