You can get Verona is a beautiful city which has been declared a World Heritage Site. One of the most famous squares in Verona is Piazza Bra, home to the famous Roman amphitheatre the "Arena di Verona", whose construction started around the first century under Emperor Augustus and was finished by Claudius. At this important location there is also the Palazzo della Gran Guardia and the Maffeiano Museum, where you can admire more than 500 Latin, Greek and Etruscan epigraphs and the different types of writing used by the Romans are explained. "Piazza delle Erbe" is commonly regarded as the centre of Verona and was the main social, economic and political hub in Roman times. Here you can climb right to the top of the imposing, 84 metre high Torre dei Lamberti and enjoy a fantastic view of the city. Not far from Piazza delle Erbe is Romeo and Juliet's famous balcony, from the tragedy written by great English poet, William Shakespeare. Another famous place to visit in Verona is Piazza dei Signori, where you can find the Arco della Costa. Crossing Piazza Dei Signori you will also see the Scaliger Tombs, a complex which houses the tombs of members of the Della Scala family. A notable member of this family was Can Francesco Della Scala, known as "Cangrande", who was a great patron of Dante, the writer of the Divine Comedy. a private tour bus to visit Verona and all its attractions from near camp Mos.