Camping with dog Garda Lake

Can you take your dog with you on a camping holiday at Lake Garda? Can you bring your dog with you on a holiday at Lake Garda? The answer is yes: many campsites, hotels and restaurants allow guests to bring their dogs on holiday at Lake Garda.

Nowadays dogs and all pets are friends of families, the elderly and children; in fact, they can be played with at campgrounds, even forming strong bonds with neighbouring families: the dog staying with the family camped right next to you may become your children's new best friend. In fact, when a well-behaved dog plays, everyone can admire it and it becomes the star of the moment that every child would love to have. A dog on holiday at Lake Garda often also accompanies the elderly, as it becomes their constant companion for daily life, accompanying its owners on long walks along the bike paths immersed in nature, or simply "talking" and staying nearby all day for company. Bringing your dog with you on a camping holiday at Lake Garda eliminates the necessity to put your dog in a kennel or pet hotel, even if only temporarily, because Lake Garda is pet friendly and lets pets enjoy a holiday with their young or old masters. Today many people have excellent pets that stay at their sides all day, accompanying them or transmitting joy. Up until a few years ago, animals were kept only in the countryside with those tending to them professionally, but fortunately the world has changed. "Modern life" has enabled dogs to go almost anywhere alongside their owners, becoming a part of the family and making its members happy to see and caress it. This definitely makes us feel responsible and influences our behaviour when we are together with our pets, while also respecting the rules of peaceful coexistence with a bag and shovel to clean up our pets' waste, enjoying our holiday along with our dogs while camping at Lake Garda

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