Campsite lake Garda with dog

Campsite on Lake Garda that permits dogs

Camping Mos on Lake Garda is situated on the west coast of Lake Garda in San Felice del Benaco. Camping Mos in San Felice del Benaco is located directly on the lake and has a long shingle beach along which a five-minute walk will take you to the Port of San Felice. Many campsites on Lake Garda are right on the lake and with a few steps one can bath in the lake or take out a boat and take a sailing trip to the beautiful Isola del Garda. Camping Mos near the Isola del Garda, has a private wooden pier built on the beach on which one can relax in the sun and enjoy the view towards the bay of Manerba and pleasant afternoon breeze that comes from the east. Camping Mos on Lake Garda loves animals and since its construction in 1973 has welcomed all animals who accompany their owners. Camping Mos is the ideal place to have a peaceful and relaxing vacation for the whole family with your dogs. There are two types of campsites on Lake Garda, those on the east shore of the lake and those on the west shore. Camping Mos is on the west coast of Lake Garda where customers who love peace can be at ease and relax in nature because this side of Lake Garda attracts the more discerning tourist who does not like the tourist chaos that is typical of the eastern shore of Lake Garda.

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